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PET-PE Meat Trays

The meat trays are mostly sold in PET/PE material and are available mainly in clear and a short few other standard run colours. The trays are available mostly PADDED but sometimes can also be ordered without pads.
Most common meat tray sizes:

D2 Tray Dimensions – 197mm x 155mm
D13 Tray Dimensions – 238mm x 166mm
D15 Tray Dimensions – 260mm x 177mm
B6 Tray Dimensions –  253mm x 183mm (available in high barrier, skin, and cardboard also)

The most common sizes available are D2, D13, D15 and B6 which tend to cover most ranges of meat applications but other tray dimensions are also available upon request. These trays range from 37mm-120mm depths. By having so many variations in depths to use it makes it easier on the tray sealing machine as you will require to purchase less tooling and speed up unnecessary change-over times.
Skin and foil trays can also be found in these common meat sizes.
These trays are commonly found in PET/PE mixed material which contains superior barrier properties. Our meat trays are specifically designed to help keep meat fresh for longer.

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PET-PE Meat Trays