• High Customizable

FormPack F1 / F3 / F5

Formpack F1, Formpack F3 and Formpack F5 represent the essence of the ILPRA spirit: high technology at the service of exceptional performance, energy savings, and production efficiency. The absolute robustness of the construction solutions allows them to confidently meet any production challenge, in any working environment. All of these models can be fully customized in terms of frame length and features, as well as different thermoforming, sealing and cutting systems. This allows the widest range of solutions for packaging style, design of the packages to be made, and versatility of use.

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  • Sealing Form
  • MAP/ATP Form
  • Vacuum Form
  • Skin Form
Technical Data FormPack F1FormPack F3FormPack F5
Frame lengthfrom 4500 to 7500 mm from 4500 to 10000 mm (max)from 4500 more than 10000 mm
Step500 mm (max)850 mm (max)850 mm (max)
Forming film width460 mm (max)460 mm (max)560 mm (max)
Maximum height of containers120 mm (150 optional)120 mm (150 optional)120 mm (150 optional)
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Customised format

Ideal for aggressive environments

Highly integrable

Total Brushless

This technology allows to better optimize the timing of each work step by increasing productivity, and improving product and container handling.

FormPack F1 / F3 / F5