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FoodPack 400

The FoodPack 400 tray sealer is ideal for sealing various tray types (plastic, aluminum, laminated cardboard) with a spacious sealing area. Packaging is effortless and user-friendly: trays are inserted and extracted manually, while film unwinding/rewinding is automated.

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Technical DataFoodPack 400
Dimensions106 x 102 x h 143 cm
Weight160 (N) - 210 (VG) Kg
Air consumption6 bar - 7 Nlt/cycle
Sealing area400 x 285 x h 135 mm
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Touch Screen Panel

Working parameters can be set through the touch screen control panel. Plus, multiple recipes can be stored for quick access by the operator.

Large sealing area

FoodPack 400 offers a spacious sealing area for increased production volume and versatile mould configuration.

Electronic unwinder and rewinder

The system automatically unwinds the heat-sealing film, seals and cuts it, and rewinds the scraps. It can be electronically operated and optionally equipped with a “centered print” system for precise tray alignment. It supports both printed and neutral film.

Quick Mould Change

Quickly change the size without tools by easily removing the mould.


Technology patented by ILPRA that guarantees a lower use of gas and a higher working speed.
Available on all models in this line.

FoodPack 400