The growth activity undertaken by Ilpra continues, with a new model of thermoforming machine. The company aims to provide high quality and highly customizable packaging machines.

The Speedyform model therefore represents the new entry solution of our Formpack line. It is a compact and space-saving thermoforming machine, whose ease of use is the predominant feature. The film reel change is quick, as well as the format and longitudinal cutting changes. The whole machine is accessible via the color touch screen panel, available in different languages.

Click and Watch the video of the new Formpack Speedyform

Forming Station
Touch Screen Panel
Unwinding and rewinding system

The advancement of the transport chains is guaranteed by brushless motors. With this model Ilpra aims to offer a practical, effective and accessible thermoforming machine as an investment for companies that need high quality packaging at a low operating cost. Like all Ilpra packaging solutions, the Speedyform is designed to be integrated in any production line, also thanks to the many customisations that can be applied, such as print centering system, skin packaging, motorised ejection conveyor, etc.

Film forming band (mm)320 / 360 / 420
Max. pitch (mm)300
Max. container height100
Usable type of forming filmFlexible or rigid Max. 350 my
Number of impressions Max.4