Sealable Trays, Pots & Buckets

Sealable Trays, Pots & Buckets

We manufacture a wide range of plastic and aluminium food containers for all your food packaging needs and we are one of the leading packaging suppliers in the Europe. We can supply trays, pots and for products such as meat, seafood, poultry, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, pet food, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, bakery and deli packaging.

Due to the increasing request of sustainable food packaging solutions, we feel responsable to supply green packaging exclusively for our clients. Speak to a member of our team in order to provide you tailor-made solution specific to your product.

We always stock:

  • Rectangular and cylindrical trays in a variety of sizes.
  • Gastro trays in sizes – half, quart, sixth and eighth.

Standard plastic trays is generally requested black or clear, if you want an alternative to improve your brand against competitors, we can offer you a range of colours and combinations in order to improve the appearance of your products.
Call trays and film department and we can work together to choose the right packaging for you.




PET-PE Meat Trays

Wesupply some of the largest meat processing companies all over the world because of the quality and the ability to supply large quantities with relatively short lead times.

The meat trays are mostly sold in PET/PE material and are available mainly in clear and a short few other standard run colours. The trays are available mostly PADDED but sometimes can also be ordered without pads.

These trays are commonly found in PET/PE mixed material which contains superior barrier properties. Our meat trays are specifically designed to help keep meat fresh for longer.

RPET Trays

While all (mono) PET are fully recyclable, RPET has the extra benefit of being made by recyclable material. Up to 80% of an RPET tray contains raw materials of recycled PET.

Thanks to a reduced weight/material usage, the high recycled content and the carbon footprint of raw material spent in this innovative RPET tray, offerings are in excess of 85% lower than virgin mono PP food trays.

Key Features of using our RPET tray:

  • Trays that will facilitate high-speed de-stacking/ stacking, packing and safe transportation of a whole range of food products.
  • High level of rigidity and an excellent barrier performance that is ideally suited to the packaging of poultry and meat.
  • Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging to extend shelf life.
  • Clear presentation of product in order to guarantee a great appearance.


APET or simply known as just PET, is perfect for the packaging of cold/frozen foods and for M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

It is a material well known for its robustness and its resistance to shocks, with high performances to internal pressure and stress-cracking. It also has good barrier properties regarding gas, UV and water. The tray can be used within a temperature range of –40°C to +60°C. This meets the needs of consumers who require good impact resistance at low temperatures.

APET trays are suitable for a wide range of deli, bakery and convenience food applications. These items need to be aesthetically pleasing and built to keep the food product fresh.

Your product will be protected by these strong and durable trays, ensuring that the product presentation is of the highest standard.

gastronorm tray

Gastronorm Trays (1/2 Gastro) - PP

Our Gastronorm plastic and foil trays are the ideal solution for your food prep and service. They are suitable for both hot and chilled food. They are also suitable for refrigeration and come in a variety of range of depths and capacities from 30mm to 110mm in the following sizes:

  • 1/2 Gastro Tray Dimensions 325mm x 265mm
  • 1/4 Gastro Tray Dimensions 265mm x 161mm
  • 1/6 Gastro Tray Dimensions 176mm x 162mm
  • 1/8 Gastro Tray Dimensions 164mm x 123mm

Our Gastro Trays are available in the following materials:

  • PP Version (Suitable for freezer at -40°C and for microwave heating)
  • CPET Version (Dual ovenable & freezer suitable)

Our Gastro trays are available to buy/call off in smaller quantities and mixed depths  (1 pallet – 32 pallets) or can be ordered in full truck deliveries to your premises getting an even more competitive price.

Our Gastro range is available in Thermoformed and Injection Moulded trays (manufactured in ILPRA). Injection Moulded Trays are usually used for more premium products such as pasta & cheeses and thermoformed is usually used in the meat & service industry.

CPET & PP Ready Meal Trays

CPET is an alternative to aluminium trays. CPET trays are the most versatile option of the ready meal concepts due to the capacity to maintein its shape at high temperatures and is therefore suitable for use with products that are to be heated in ovens and microwave ovens.

Standard for almost all CPET products is an APET top layer, which has particularly good sealing properties and gives the products an attractive appearance. The precision control of the material’s crystallinity allowa a temperature range of -40°C to +220°C amd they are particularly suitable for OVEN . This meets the needs of consumers, who require good impact resistance at low temperatures and shape retention at high temperatures. CPET also forms a highly effective barrier against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

CPET trays are also used for bakery products such as desserts, cakes or pastry. These items can be unpacked and finished off in the oven or microwave.


Smoothwall Foil Trays

Our smoothwall foil trays have a smooth rim, which allows each tray to be heat sealable with various film / lidding. Gas flushing techniques can be incorporated into the filling and sealing phases of meal production.

Chilled & frozen ready meals, desserts, fish, pasta, marinated meat joints, vegetables and various whole birds for roasting such as chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Key features of smoothwall trays:

  • Cost-effective as the construction allows sleeves and cartons to be lightweight.
  • High rigidity allows packaging to be safe in
  • Shatterproof when frozen.
  • Leak Proof seal.
  • Extend shelf life using MAP/CAP.
  • Minimizes handling of raw meat/poultry.


Skin Trays

Our skin trays are produced using multi-layered thin gauge sheet, with a high content of recycled material. The high-quality finish includes the sought-after velvet finish upon peel back of the vacuum seal, which is also a built-in indicator of product tampering.

Key features of skin trays:

  • Extended shelf life – thanks to the vacuum seal, it reduces exposure to contaminants and leakage;
  • Takes up less space therefore cost saving with shipping;

The demand for greater innovation in the skin tray market is growing, with food producers and retailers seeking to differentiate themselves and improve on the appearance and performance of standard vacuum skin trays.

Recyclable cardboard trays for “Skin Packing”

Ilpra have collaborated on developing a technology that consists of skin packaging a plain cardboard, coated with a thin layer of PE, the material which allows the plastic film to get sealed onto the cardboard and steadily hold the product (food) in between. By a “peel off” corner placed on the cardboard, the end user then can: remove the plastic film and dispose of it, then remove the product (food) from the cardboard, and separate the PE coating from the cardboard, and recycle them in their respective bins.

In conclusion, these simple three steps will make a “non-plastic” food tray fully recyclable, which is a cutting-edge development in the food packaging industry.

A lot of progress was made by the reduction of the amount of plastic in the cardboard, so this product can now be considered widely recyclable. Originally, to seal properly, we needed more than 20% of plastic, but through our R&D we managed to reduce down the amount of plastic, whilst maintaining seal integrity, to under 15%, which is considered an acceptable amount for the cardboard tray to be recycled.



Round Film Sealable & Tamper-Evident Pots are usually manufactured in PP mono material. They are usually used in Pot Filler applications mainly on Ilpra Fill Seal models but can also be used in Ilpra Tray Sealing applications.

Key Features of these pots:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Suitable for Freezing
  • Suitable for Microwaving
  • Can be Hot Filled
  • Snap-on-Lid options available
  • In Mould Labelling options
  • Cardboard Sleeve Print options

The industry standard sizes are available in various standard depths requiring less tooling on your machinery and being able to offer more flexibility.

If standard sizes are required there will be products off the shelf with lower minimum order requirements also.


Ilpra offers you a large variety of buckets of different sizes, shapes and accessory options (such as tamper proof labels) which are second to none on the market. Our buckets can be sealable and non-sealable. Whether for food or non-food, you will always find the right packaging for your filling material here.

We are able to offer a large range of volumes. Products for single-person households are just as efficiently packed as bulk consumer portions.

The buckets we offer are made of high-quality, 100% recyclable polypropylene or polyethylene. We also process biopolymers and packaging materials made from recyclates, the use of the latter only being permitted for non-food.

Ceramic Sealable Pots

Ilpra is able to offer packaging solutions in ceramic (or clay). This type of packaging has a very limited environmental impact as clay is very accessible in terms of availability, as it is made of a mix of soil and water. These long-life containers are totally reusable, they are oven, freezer and microwave safe. They are also easily recycled in a very simple process.

Ceramic pots can also be sealable and fully customizable in terms of colours and prints.

Glass Sealable Pots

Ilpra is able to offer packaging solutions in Glass sealable jars. This type of packaging is 100% recyclable and green. Glass has a natural barrier against bacteria. It is totally impermeable to oxygen, therefore glass keeps foods and drinks fresh with all their vitamins and natural elements.


By collaborating with top players in the area of bespoke packaging, Ilpra aims to provide its customers with the very best facilities and support that we can offer, including: Rapid Prototyping & Packaging Design Tool, Build Materials Development and Technical Support. With the support of our partners, we offer thermoformed packaging solutions with a thorough and unrivalled service.

Our aim is always to go a step further, looking at how new designs, materials and processes can help to achieve even better results whilst meeting all of your technical requirements.

In addition to thermoformed packaging, our partners specialise in the manufacture and supply of high quality, custom made pallets, cases and crates, made to the exact specification for your transit packaging needs.

The incomparable level of flexibility and loyalty we offer to our customers makes us the natural supplier choice for many food and non-food manufacturers.

These trays require a tooling cost up front to build a bespoke size for you.