Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

We have always been concerned with environmental issues, and we have invested in technologies and processes that will cause the least possible impact on the environment.

Our environmental awareness and constant search for low costs and competitiveness led us to now stock a range of sustainable food packaging solutions. Environmentally friendly packaging is fast becoming popular with some of our customers. It is increasingly becoming a mandate, due to EU standards, consumer tastes, and/or government policies. We collaborate with suppliers, customers and machinery manufacturers to create solutions, combining sustainability with shelf appeal, freshness, safety, and cost-efficiency.

Social responsibility, respect & care for the environment require action today while keeping an eye on the future – view our eco-friendly range:


Eco Friendly Packaging

Evo Cup by Italpack Cartons

The EvoCup is an innovative and sustainable packaging for automated filling machines designed to replace plastic containers for liquid products and dry goods.

Key features of using EvoCup:

  • It offers a barrier providing similar protection and shelf-life to existing plastic containers. The technology allowing Extended Shelf Life (ESL) involves the adoption of Gable Top know-how and selection of specific boards.
  • Compatibility with existing automatic filing lines which can allow for potential customisation using special features developed by Italpack such as transparent windows, embossing and braille alphabet.
  • Available in a wide range of boards that are microwaveable and or compostable. Italpack produces 4 different formats: 334 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml, 1010 ml and a Maxi format of 1790 ml.
  • Perfect for dry foods such as chips, cereals, nuts or biscuits.
  • Perfect for wet foods such as yoghurt, cheese, soups or fruits.

Plastic Free - Sealable - Home compostable trays

Ilpra can supply a line of compostable and eco-friendly food trays that have been developed to be used from the freezer, to all kinds of ovens. Issued from sustainable raw materials, our supply chain is full European and totally environmentally friendly.

Key features of using Bio Tray:

  • Hygienic solution for preparing, cooking, baking, deep-freezing, transporting, conserving, re-heating and consuming food.
  • Available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Can be printed outside for marketing purposes.
  • Can be used both in microwave and in traditional oven up to 215°C for 40 minutes for cooking or re-heating food.
  • Compostable – high resistance to humidity and fat.
  • Can be used in cryogenic tunnels (-70°C), refrigerator blasting and cold room storage.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to aluminium or plastic trays.

Recyclable cardboard trays for “Skin Packing”

Ilpra have collaborated on developing a technology that consists of skin packaging a plain cardboard, coated with a thin layer of PE, the material which allows the plastic film to get sealed onto the cardboard and steadily hold the product (food) in between. By a “peel off” corner placed on the cardboard, the end user then can: remove the plastic film and dispose of it, then remove the product (food) from the cardboard, and separate the PE coating from the cardboard, and recycle them in their respective bins.

In conclusion, these simple three steps will make a “non-plastic” food tray fully recyclable, which is a cutting-edge development in the food packaging industry.

A lot of progress was made by the reduction of the amount of plastic in the cardboard, so this product can now be considered widely recyclable. Originally, to seal properly, we needed more than 20% of plastic, but through our R&D we managed to reduce down the amount of plastic, whilst maintaining seal integrity, to under 15%, which is considered an acceptable amount for the cardboard tray to be recycled.