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Skin packaging

Economic alternative to SKIN pack for high output

Fitpack - Nuova applicazione di confezionamento ILPRA

ILPRA‘s latest technology addition is the FITPACK application. Generated by the demands for sustainability and lower energy consumption which has become increasingly sought after in
the packaging sector.

FITPACK reproduces the aesthetics of SKIN packaging, the FITPACK application uses standard flexible thermoforming material, with the possibility of packaging any type of product which has a constant uniform shape and size, such as hamburgers, slices of cheese and other such products.

The FITPACK system allows vacuum packaging inside a customised tray; the sealing support is made up of printed cardboard which, once separated from the plastic layer, becomes 100% recyclable. The many advantages of this application include lower material usage, 30% less than the standard SKIN application and given the standardized use of forming material, alower cost per pack as well because no actual SKIN film is used. A machine capable of packaging in FITPACK mode is highly versatile, as it can also work with traditional plastic sealing films also.


Reducing Consumption and Increasing Productivity

ProGas is an innovative technology developed and patented by Ilpra, based on an exclusive way of modifying the atmosphere in a container during a working cycle and is unique to our packaging machines. The technology works
by limiting and controlling the vacuum creation phase of the cycle and the relative compensations of gas solely to the actual tray that is packed, instead of extending them to the entire packaging chamber.

The main advantage of the ProGas technology is that it reduces the use and therefore the waste of gas with the same amount of residual oxygen in the tray. This is obviously a cost saving exercise which in the long term will be worth your while whilst also increasing your packs per minute. Using this Ilpra technology, a substantial increase in productivity can be achieved. An additional benefit of adopting ProGas is greater respect for the environment due to reduced air pollution.


Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Increased Productivity

In order to encourage a responsible and sustainable production, Ilpra has focused its attention on the environmental issues at hand and has always been committed to making products that reduce energy waste and air pollution.  By pursuing this objective, E-Mec technology was developed and is applicable to most of our packaging machines. It is based entirely on the electro-mechanical motion of working stations of the machines, combined with the latest generation electronic management system.

E-Mec technology allows companies to achieve greater volumes of packs per minute. It allows higher production volumes, whilst limiting the mechanical stress
of machine components thanks to our technical office who carefully studied these extremely precise motions.

By adopting E-Mec technology, companies are able to reduce compressed air consumption by 70% and limit noise emissions by about 60%, thus greatly benefitting the staff who operate and are in the environment of the machinery.