Used Machines

Used Machines

Including Warranty

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  • Reliability
  • Warranty
  • Support

All of our used machines benefit from a comprehensive six months parts and labour warranty and service back-up facility.

To facilitate access to the automatic packaging world and reduce the initial financial outlay, we offer our used packaging machines, which have been taken back from our customers and overhauled in our factories, according to Ilpra standards, in order to guarantee optimal performance and reliability over time. When buying a used Ilpra system or machine, you benefit from all the support services offered to those who purchase a new system or installation: technical consultancy, training courses, installation and post-sales support, documentation and guaranteed spare parts.

With Ilpra Used Machines Selection you buy top quality and reliable products that only the original manufacturer can guarantee. The packaging machines of this Selection comply with ILPRA’ s production and inspection standards and all the necessary safety requisites. The servicing of used machines is carried out exclusively by Ilpra technicians, who use only original spare parts.