Showroom and Test Room

Showroom and Test Room

Experience our machines in action with your own products

  • Full range of latest model
  • Ad-hoc packaging tests
  • Specialized technical consultancy
  • Application technology

We have a showroom facility dedicated to the top of Ilpra technology, always available to customers at our headquarters in Swindon, UK as well as in our Factory in Ilpra SPA.

In our showrooms you will find:

  • an exhibition area for the latest generation of packaging machines
  • a fully equipped meeting room for presentations and training
  • gallery of packaged products from the best Ilpra customers from all over the world

Inside the Test Room, a specialized team of technicians carries out demonstrations of the different technologies in operation during the course of the test:

  • technology days targeted and focused on individual application processes
  • technology tours aimed at specific geographical areas or sectors
  • ad hoc demonstrations on the occasion of individual customer visits
  • production of samples and packaging tests

All Ilpra branches work closely with the showroom and test room at our head office in Italy.