Rent to Buy Machines

Rent to Buy Machines

Finance and Flexible Payment Terms

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ILPRA offers a flexible rental program that allows your business to meet any production need, whether temporary or short-term. We also provide an option to purchase the machine at any time during the rental period. By renting our packaging machines your company can keep its capital budget intact and enjoy the profits generated by machine production. Rent payments can be classified as operating expenses, which can then release money for other expenses. Rental options are excellent for short-term contracts, new product launches, and increased demand for seasonal products or simply to try the equipment in your own environment and on your package before committing to buying it. Rental reduces the risk of inactive resources on the production floor due to changes in product demand, packaging design or even materials used. We can reduce the time to market for new product launches while your competitors are still trying to figure out how to put the product on the shelf.

Finance packages can also be compiled based on your company credit rating and going through a full credit check we can offer 3-4-5 year finance terms on machinery.

For more information about the possibility of renting one of our packaging machines, please contact us.