Preventative Maintenance Packages

Preventative Maintenance Packages

Protecting your investment

  • Only original parts
  • Testing and acceptance
  • Guaranteed functionality

Upon purchasing a machine we will always offer our customers different maintenance plans in order to ensure that your new machine is always in great condition and without problems. This minimises or prevents unscheduled interruptions, increases the safety and reliability of the systems and reduces costs by extending the useful life of the systems and tools.

Some customers prefer easier maintenance services and others more in depth ones. We can offer personalised maintenance services that are adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. They include a predetermined number of visits per year, in which our specialised technicians perform an exhaustive check of the entire installation, paying special attention to the state of each of its mechanisms, controls and safety devices. We also offer Improvements and adaptations in case we have come up with an improved technology on the model we will of to adapt them to the changing production needs of our customers and to incorporate the latest technologies developed by our innovation team.

In order to preserve your investments, Ilpra offers specialised retrofitting and refurbishing services to improve or extend the life cycle of your machine. As any high production machinery and system, after years of production efficiency, even our machines are subject to normal wear and tear, or they are no longer suitable for the changed or increased production requirements. This is why Ilpra offers you the following services:

  • RETROFITTING, for modernising parts or groups of your systems with state-of-the-art solutions and making your systems more efficient and productive by replacing components and the main mechanisms.
  • FULL SERVICE, to perform a complete overhaul of the machine disassembling, cleaning, checking, reassembling it and checking the worn and damaged components.
  • SERVICING MOULDS AND PARTS, to bring back to their original condition particular parts that are subject to normal processes of wear and tear that can cause defects in the forming and sealing of packages.