We now have an extensive range of weighing machines, including screw feeder weighers, linear weighers and multi-head weighers, which can be used as part of an integrated weighing and packing line for both food and non-food applications.

Some examples of products that can be weighed on our systems are: pasta, bakery, biscuits, cheese & dairy, powder, confectionary, frozen food, salad, chocolate & confectionery, meat & poultry, produce, coffee & tea, fish & seafood, pharmaceutical, medical, pet food, snacks & dry fruits, non-food and many more.

These weighing machines can be supplied as part of a complete line or interface with existing weighing or packing equipment. Being highly flexible, our equipment can weigh and sort product into a wide range of packs including bags, trays and cartons.


Multi Head Weigher

Our multihead MW SERIES weighers are highly appreciated for their reliability in so many different applications. They are available in several versions: the most common have 10 or 14 heads with buckets from 0, 5 litres for the weighing of small quantities of products up to 5 litres for salads and frozen products of medium-large sizes. The modular construction system allows easy maintenance, cleaning and to easily substitute spare parts in case of damages. They are equipped with counting software for the weighing in number instead of weight. We can also supply loading hoppers, loading conveyors, simple and more complex standing platforms as support for the weighers which in this way become adaptable to work closely with Ilpra vast range of machinery (tray sealers, pot fillers and thermoformers).

Linear + Auger Weighers

Linear and Auger weigher systems are available with one or more heads and one or more augers. The DOSIWEIGH WP1 is the most indicated auger weigher for non-sliding products. The linear weigher VIBROWEIGH WP3 is fitted with vibrating channels for the extraction of sliding products from the hoppers.

The choice for a linear weigher is essential for fragile products and it can be used with different products like shredded cheddar, tripe or precooked products. This weigher can be installed over all the Ilpra tray sealers, pot fillers, baggers and thermoformers.