Vacuum Chambers


A Vacuum Chamber is a machine that removes the air out of a bag before then heat sealing it closed. Vacuum Chambers is available in double chamber packing machines for big volume of products that won’t fir in standard packaging machinery.

Vacuum chambers are versatile and easy to use. The main market for this type of equipment includes; butchers, farm shops, restaurants, caterers, fish mongers, food factories as well as for vegetable & vegan applications.

There are some applications which are also sometimes used for the medical & pharmaceuticalnon-food industries.


Double Chamber

Double Chamber are used for the more industrial applications. Large Busch vacuum pumps are used for fast vacuum cycles. These machines are used when requiring to pack large quantities at faster speeds. Whilst vacuum packing one side the operator can load and unload the spare side. Our double chamber models include seal bar lengths of up to 1.1m which are longer than its competitors & has unique features in both the construction of the work plate and the lid.