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Tray Sealers ILPRA

FOODPACK Hyper 1000 is a new higher step of In-Line Tray Sealer. This ILPRA model resulted from many days of intensive R&D, introduces a new system of trays feeding in motion (without stopping the infeed belts). The new technology for more effective and continuous production results in a greater throughput without increasing machine size or the trays required to be sealed per cycle.

All the main movements of the Hyper 1000 machine are driven by a Servo-Motors with the implementation of the motion system. The FP Hyper is a very high productivity model which grants total accessibility to all the main working areas of the machine which are mostly adjustable via HMI.

The sealing process which has an extremely large workable area, (length from 1000mm up to 1400mm x 350mm optional up to 450mm in width) is managed by mechanical Servo-Motors handling with guaranteed accuracy, reduced maintenance plans and high speed processes.

This process sees the movement of two jaws which, in complete synergy with the infeed conveyor, pick up the trays and transport them inside the sealing area without stopping the flow of the trays on the infeed belts.

The film tensioning is fully controlled by an automatic and electric system which guarantess always the same tension on the film. Moreover, the mould change is quick and easy with no requirement of tools which means all operators are able to carry out this task.

Dettagli macchina

ILPRA - Easy washing Hyper

Easy sanitation

Quick mould change

Easy disassembly of belts

Tipi di Confezionamento realizzabili

La nuova FP 1000 permette di confezionare il prodotto e sigillarlo in vaschette preformate, mediante Saldatura, Sottovuoto, in Atmosfera Modificata (MAP) e Skin.





Principali dati tecnici

Machine Dimensions (mm)4225 x 1100 x 2100h
Machine Weight (Kg)ca. 1800
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle)6 - 3
Sealing Area (mm)1000 x 450 x h120
Max. O.D. of roll (mm)300

Principali Caratteristiche Standard

Stainless steel structure
Touch screen
In line power supply
Automatic film tensioning
Quick mould change
Maximum integrability and customization
Total accessibility
Brushless drive

Principali Opzioni e Accessori

Print centering system
Thermal transfer printer
Compact version
Automatic dosing systems
Trays destacker
Skin - Overskin - Extraskin Version

Dimensioni macchina

FoodPack Hyper