Foodpack Speedy


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FoodPack Speedy is a fully automatic tray sealer.

The FP Speedy has been designed to offer the highest construction standards and is manufactured in the hundreds per year.
Built in stainless steel and conforming to IP 65 protection standards, the FP Speedy is a very popular  tray sealer designed to minimize running costs.
Reliability, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, easy programming and a wide range of customization are available in order fullfill the clients requests. This machine is the step up from the table top speeds, when a customer needs to increase the packs per minute without moving to In-Line machines.

The machine incorporates unique ProGas Technology as standard on this model which enables a higher productivity with a great saving of gas used. This machine is also available in SKIN pack for plastic or cardboard trays. Another advantage on the FP Speedy over the table top machines is that now the infeed conveyor chain will constantly be moving and therefore the operators have to try and keep up with the machine rather than the machine being controlled by the operator.
The FP Speedy will obviously not seal if no trays are fed whilst the chain keeps moving no stop. The machine can be upgraded to Skin pack or with gas compensation tanks, bigger vacuum pumps to increase cycle times if upgrades are required in future and this can be done directly on site by a qualified Ilpra Engineer.

Machine Details

Roll holder roller with spander

Touch Screen Control Panel

Film position control encoder





Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm) - (N - VG)2875 x 1060 x 1580h
Machine Weight (Kg)ca. 600 (N) - 680 (VG)
Installed Power (Kw)4 (N) - 6 (VG)
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle) - (N / VG)6 - 35 (N) / 40 (VG)
Sealing Area (mm) - (N / VG)380 x 270 x 135
Lenght of loading area4 pitch
Ma. O.D. of roll (mm)250

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Touch screen
Total accessibility
Proportional electronic film unwinder
Drawer mould change
Maximum integrability and customization

Main Options and Accessories

Print centering system
Thermal transfer printer I-PRINT
Automatic dosing systems
Tray destacker
Tray aligner
Wheels kit
Skin - Overskin - Extraskin Version
Loading area extension

FoodPack Speedy in operation

Machine Dimensions

FoodPack Speedy

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