Foodpack Speedy 2 Emec


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The Speedy 2 E-Mec traysealer has the same functional and application features as the Speedy Mec, but is equipped with a Servo Motor (Brushless Motor) which control the movement of the mould and the seal process with high torque for a strong sealing. It offers a doubled sealing area in both width and length compared to the FP Speedy . The doubled sealing area allows the use of two ½ gastro trays per time. This machine is recommended if a customer does not wish to work with in line machines but requires a higher productivity output whilst still loading manually.

E-Mec technology allows for higher speed and productivity and limits mechanical stress on components. It also reduces pneumatic consumption and limits noise emissions, to the benefit of those working on the machine.

Machine Details

Pneumatic rollholder shaft

Touch Screen Control Panel

Loading belt in three lines





Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm) - (N / VG)3570 x 1315 x 1600h
Machine Weight (Kg)approx. 1100 (N) - 1200 (VG)
Installed Power (Kw)8 (N) - 10,5 (VG)
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle) - (N / VG)6 - approx. 2
Sealing Area (mm) - (N / VG)640 x 330 x 135
Lenght of Loading Area4 pitch
Ma. O.D. of roll (mm)300

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Electronic sealing film unwinder
Maximum integrability and customization
Large sealing area
Mechanical sensor for the presence of trays
Total accessibility
Drawer mould change

Main Options and Accessories

Print centering system
Thermal transfer printer I-PRINT
Skin - Overskin - Extraskin Version
Automatic dosing systems
Trays destacker
Trays aligner
Loading area extension
Automatic snap on lid
Motorized ejection belt

FoodPack Speedy 2 Emec in operation

Machine Dimensions

FoodPack Speedy 2 Emec

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