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Rotobasic by ILPRA is another table top entry level tray sealer machine with the same features of the Basic model, but equipped with a manual rotary table with two stations. This machine is there in case customers would like a little more speed in packing without the need buy an automatic machine.
This machine allows the operators to load and unload trays from the front drawer whilst in the back drawer the machine is carrying out its regular sealing/cutting operation. This significantly reduces the execution time of a complete working cycle.

The moulds of this model are perfectly compatible with those of the FP Basic model. This machine can be mounted onto any table top or sold with a trolley to move the machine around the facility easily.

Machine Details

Motorized Film Unwinder

Touch Screen Panel

Tray Carrier Detail




Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm)1042 x 872 x 787 (N)
1163 x 876 x 787 (VG)
Machine Weight (Kg)approx. 130 (N) - 150 (VG)
Installed Power (Kw)3,2 (N) - 4 (VG)
Air Consumption (bar - lt/ciclo) - (N - VG)6 - approx. 5
Sealing Area (mm) - (N / VG)330 x 270 x 135

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Motorized film unwinder
Quick mould size change
Manual rotary table

Main Options and Accessories

Print centering system
Stainless steel base with wheels
Skin Version

FoodPack Rotobasic in operation

Machine Dimensions

FoodPack Rotobasic

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