Foodpack M7


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The FoodPack M7 is the latest model introduce to the Ilpra range of fully automatic in-line tray sealers. The machine is fully equipped with Servo Motors (Brushless Motors) for all the movements such us unwinding, sealing, belts etc… which allows reduction of energy consumption and increased productivity.
This model was designed with the latest technology with only  in order to fulfill the clients with the highest expectation in in terms of automation. Everything about the M7 is designed with priority given to the operators using the machine. All conveyors are easy clean access, the change over takes only few minutes and the special trolley for holding moulds is rotary to allow easy clean and maintenance without the need to lift up anything.
No manual tools are required to change moulds. The software is specifically designed to make all adjustments and tests on the machine health via the panel directly which to satisfy large production volumes.

Cleaning and maintenance are easy and quick. It will take approximately 10/15 minutes for tooling changeover and the process is simple and easy.

It offers a sealing area of 700 mm and can work in sealing only, vacuum, protective atmosphere and skin type sealing.
Thanks to the innovative design FoodPack M7 can also be easily integrated into an automated production line and customized according to specific production needs. Inline machines can be offered with a walking beam conveyor, chain feed conveyor or motorized infeed belt.

Machine Details

Quick mould size change system

Industry 4.0 with remote assistance

Mould washing





Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm)3777 x 1345 x 2020h
Machine Weight (Kg)2500
Installed Power (Kw)7 (N) - 17 (VG)
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle)6 - approx. 6
Sealing Area (mm)700 x 420 x 120
Ma. O.D. of roll (mm)300

Main Standard Characterstics

Stainless steel structure
Touch screen
Total accessibility
Large sealing area
Quick size change
Maximum integrability and customization
In line power supply
Emec handling
Brushless drives

Main Options and Accessories

Print centering system
Thermal transfer printer
Automatic dosing systems
Trays destacker
Oscillating walking beam infeed conveyor
Chain supply
Skin - Overskin - Extraskin Version
Kit for double row processing
Trays sorter / aligner
Compact version

FoodPack M7 in operation

Machine Dimensions

FoodPack M7

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