Foodpack 400 Extra


Tray Sealers ILPRA

The FoodPack 400 Extra is the latest model of ILPRA semi-automatic range of compact traysealers. This machine has been created to pack multiples packaging applications all on one machine.

The sealing area is wide with an area of 400X300 mm and it is possible to use moulds with up to 2 impressions.

The strong selling points of this particular machine is that you can package in sealing only, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere and skin packaging (plastic and cardboard) all on one mould simply chamging recipe on the Siemens HMI.

Main Characteristics:

  • Regular trays in clear depths padded/unpadded varying from 30-120mm – most products in MAP or seal only
  • Skin pack on plastic trays (black or clear) with a protrusion of up to 45H on the edge of the tray
  • Skin pack on cardboard trays with a protrusion of up to 45H on the edge of the tray
  • 10-15mm charcuterie HIGH barrier trays for sliced meats

Machine Details

Touch Screen Panel

Quick and easy size change

Svolgitore automatico di film

Unwinder Detail

Packaging Details

Extraskin on Cardboard

Confezionamento su placca di plastica di formaggio

Extraskin on Plastic

Saldatura su vaschetta - formaggio - extraskin packaging

Extraskin on Cardboard Tray

Confezionamento in Skin hamburger carne

Extraskin on Plastic Tray

Confezionamento su carta - prosciutto

Modified Atmosphere (MAP) in Cardboard Tray

Confezionamento in vaschetta prosciutto

Modified Atmosphere (MAP) in Plastic Tray






Extraskin packaging - come funziona


Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm) - (N / VG)1054 x 1082 x 1557
Machine Weight (Kg)180 (N) - 230 (VG)
Installed Power (Kw)4 (VG)
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle) - (N / VG)6 - 40 [ bar - Nlt/cycle ]
Sealing Area (mm) - (N / VG)400 (extraskin) 420 (VG) x 300 x h130

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Integrated base
Quick mould size change
Touch Screen Panel
Busch Pump 100m3

Main Options and Accessories

Kit 4.0
Remote maintenance
Special unwinding system for shrinkable film

FoodPack 400 Extra in operation

Machine Dimensions

FoodPack 400 Extra

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