Formpack F660


Thermoformers ILPRA

The Formpack F660 is a special thermoforming machine manufactured by ILPRA. It is suitable for flexible packaging and for products that require a wide sealing area, up to 660mm. The advantage of this model is that due to its very large sealing area you can keep the footprint of the machine very small in comparison to others in the industry also maintaining to keep the costs down too without compromising on any quality.

It is a model characterized by precise and fast movements guaranteed by Servo Motors (brushless motors).

Like all models of thermoforming machines, Ilpra is able to pack in a top sealing, vacuum, skin and in a protective atmosphere and it can be upgraded with several functions and optionals.

Machine Details

Automatic film unwinder

Film conveyor chain

Scrap rewinding system





Main technical data

Frame length (mm)3500 / 4500
Max. depth of containers (mm)100
Max. bottom web film width (customized on request)660
Ma. O.D. of roll - Thermoforming / Sealing (mm)400 / 250
Index max. (mm)320
Types of forming filmflexible/rigid - max. 500 µm

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Lifting moulds with Emec knee lever system
Motorized forming and sealing rolls unwinders
Tilting touch screen panel
Customizable film / index band
Maximum integrability and customization
Automatic chain lubrication / cleaning
Washing program
Big size

Main Options and Accessories

Print centering system
Coding / printing systems
Compact version
Version for rigid film
Skin Version
Additional cutting station
Motorized ejection belt

Formpack F660 in operation

Machine Dimensions

Formpack F660

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