Fill Seal In Line


Fill Seal ILPRA

In-line Fill Seal models are fully automatic in-line pot filler/sealing with different lanes, the machines are able to work from a minimum of 3 lines up to a maximum of 10 depending on the model. In-line Fill Seal models are manufactured for high production requirements and also to work with larger than standard containers/pots/trays.

Ideal for high volume production, this type of machine is designed to meet the needs of large companies that require precision, reliability and speed and it is manifactured fully with Servo Motors (Brushless motors) for each stations.

It is the perfect model to pack and seal with high precision and control up to 30000 pieces per hour.

The customization of these models is possible thanks to the many lanes and options available. Optional extra that can be included are: Film version, pre-cut lid version, MAP gas flush/vacuum gas version, snap on lid device (internal or external), pick and place, high capacity magazine, sanification systems (laminar flow, UV, Pulse light etc.),  date coding and Tele-assistance.

Machine Details

Optional – Printer

Detail of destacker

Sealing station




Main technical data

Machine Weight (Kg)approx. 2200
Installed Power (Kw)18
Air Consumption (bar - lt/ciclo)6 - approx. 1,5
Max. Trays Diam. (mm)95 (5 x cycle)
Max. Trays Depth (mm)130

Main Standard Characteristics

Hygienic design
Brushless drives
Remote maintenance
Maximum integrability and customization
Electronic interpolation of movements

Main Options and Accessories

Automatic snap on lid
Laminar flow hood
Film version
Material sanitization system
Additional doser
Predisposition for CIP washing
Coding / printing systems
High capacity container storage
Print centering system (film version)
Vacuum Gas Version (film version)

Fill Seal 5L in operation

Machine Dimensions

Fill Seal

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