Gas Equipment


Since most of our packaging machinery packs products in Modifed Atmophere Pressure (MAP). A lot of our customers request some help and advice with regards to the gas supply and the best way to monitor the right gas whilst in production. If you require any advice on whether to use single gases or pre-mixed gas mixtures please feel free to get in contact as we work with and have a team of sales and technical specialists.


Gas Analyser

Ilpra Gas Analysers are used to monitor, measure and check the % residual Oxygen (O2) gas content of the food pack. An O2 gas analyser is used for measuring only the % O2 inside the pack and a duo combi gas analyser is used to measure the % O2 and % CO2 inside a pack.

The gas analyser gives fast and accurate sample measurements, and results can be downloaded to a computer or stored in the device.  Monitoring gas usage on your packaging machines ensures reduction in gas usage and unnecessary production losses due to wrong gas injected during the vacuum-gas process.

Gas Mixers

High capacity gas mixer devices are needed when a customer has a high consumption of food grade gases for their individual packaging lines or their gas supply is linked over various packaging lines. The gas mixer is linked with a buffer tank to provide central mixing capability. If pre-mixed food gas cylinders are purchased these are more expensive than single gas bottles/cylinders. Therefore a gas mixer can be purchased and connected to your packaging machine as a cost saving exercise and to maintain a guarantee on the gas mixture going in. The Ilpra gas mixers can be purchased as a two-gas mixer or a three-gas mixer depending on the product gas requirements.

The gas mixer is assembled in a small sized case made completely in stainless steel. The case is very light and resistant to all harsh factory environment conditions. The measurement of the gases is made up by flow meters (made in borosilicate glass and provided with micrometrical valves) which are produced and calibrated in manufacturing.

The flow meters ensure the operator has an accurate and continuous control of the gas mixture percentage at all times. The input lines are provided with a 60μ filtering system, piloted by pressure-reducing valves with balanced control and one-way vales intended to prevent line pollution.

A pilot gas regulator provided with an analogue visualizer can be found on the front of the panel allowing an immediate and accurate setting of the gas-mixture outlet pressure. The frontal synoptic allows for intuitive and easy reading; it also ensures the protection of the instruments from foreign bodies and harsh environments. Gas mixers can be linked to our Ilpra tray sealers, thermoformers, pot fillers, flowrappers, baggers, and many more machines.