Robotic Islands


Macchinari fine linea e pick and place

Ilpra designs and manufactures highly customizable robotic islands for depalletising, palletising and cartoning various product categories. Our solutions maximize the available space by using anthropomorphic robots with 4 or 6 axes, allowing maximum flexibility in the work process. Further advantages include the quick changeover of the gripping head for different operations, the reduced dimensions and the possibility of expansion in case of changes in production requirements.

packaging pick and place


Pick and place applicazione con prodotti


RS e ps-01


Main technical data

Each robotized island is developed according to the customer’s needs, so that it can be easily integrated with any pre-existing packaging line.
Our technical staff understands the different needs of each production and studies ideal solutions to guarantee the best result.

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Compact layout
Touch Screen
Maximum integrability and customization
Total access

Main Options and Accessories

Labelling system
Marking system
Conveyor systems for boxes and packs
Mechanical or vacuum gripping systems

RS SERIE in operation

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