Palletizer PS


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The PS model is a robotized double bay palletizer able to guarantee the continuity of production without giving up space, thanks to its compact layout. The gripping system is configured so that it can work on various packaging formats (boxes, baskets, bags, etc.). The handling is fully servo-assisted and ensures perfect positioning of the neck onto the pallet. The double bay allows the continuity of the working cycle, as when the first pallet is completed the processing moves to the second without disturbing the machine.

Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm)3196 x 1723
Machine Weight (Kg)approx. 1000
Installed Power (Kw)4
Pressure required6 bar
Air Consumption (Nlt/M)Depends on the gripping tool
Max. Case Size (mm)800*1200/1000*1200 mm

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Compact layout
Touch Screen
Maximum integrability and customization
Servo driven
Total access

Main Options and Accessories

Labelling system
Marking system
Servo positioning axis rotation
Conveyor systems for boxes and packs
Mechanical or vacuum gripping systems
Double palletizing bay

Machines Dimensions

Layout Pallettizzatore ILPRA

PS Series - Palletizer

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