Bucket Line


Buckets Line ILPRA

The ILPRA Bucket Line model machine is a machine designed and manifactured to satisfy the realities that have high production requirements while maintaining efficient and precise performance with a superb hygienic design. The machine is extremely customizable and adaptable to existing lines in order to manage a fully automatic line. All machine movements are done by Servo Motors (brushless motors), suitable for working in aggressive environments and allows total accessibility for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The machine is fully able to denests, fills, seals, lids the bucket on its own without the need of operators.

Some of its advantages are that you can automatically adjust heights of the bucket via HMI, the depositor is driven by Servo Motor (brushless motor) which allows weights to be adjusted automatically via the HMI.
The 12” touch screen HMI with remote assistance helps facilitate checks on the machine. This machine reduces the manual handling of the buckets by the operators as sometimes these can be heavy.  Some of the machine options available for customisation on order are: loading area extension, mechanical detection of buckets in the denester, control panel with remote assistance in case of breakdown, double line processing, printed top web with eye mark detector, sanitation system, coding device, quick tooling size changes, total accessibility, snap on lid with denester and lid pressing device.

Machine Details

Sealing Station

Doser detail

Bucket presence photocell




Main technical data

Standard Machine Dimensions(mm)7500 x 1400 x 2200 (without hood and with doser in the machine)
Machine Weight (Kg)approx. 3800
Installed Power (Kw)11
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle)6 - approx. 6
Max. Sizediam. 330 mm - h 320

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Interlocks emergency door system
IP 65 Protection Degree
Touch screen 12”
Machine movements by mean of servo-drives
Automatic heights adjustment
Extremely customizable and adaptable to existing lines

Main Options and Accessories

Vacuum packaging or gas flushing
Printed top web with eye mark detector
Double line processing
Automatic dosing systems
Material sanitization system
Laminar flow hood
Weight control station
Sealing control device
Automatic rejection of faulty containers

Bucketline in operation

Machine Dimensions


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